Official May Day Pinball Tournament Rules

Games will be set on coin play
Registration in advance not required this year. No entry fee games on coin play.
Practice Rounds Noon to 3pm.

Survivor Tournament - Four players compete on one machine, low score is out, play continues like this until one survivor is left.

May Day Pinball Tournament - Best two out of three matches, each match is on a different machine. Play continues until there is one winner. Players knocked out in the first and second rounds may compete in the consolation bracket. Best two out of three matches there.

No bang backs or death saves. No cheating of any kind.

These events are being tracked in the Universal Players Yearly Organized United Ranking System.

Anyone helping to maintain or repair games will not be allowed to compete. Anyone complaining will be disqualified. In other words if you don't like our rules then start your own tournament.

Anyone registering in the past and not showing up will be barred from future May Day Tournaments unless they have fully resolved the issue to the tournament director's satisfaction prior to the day of the tournament.

Tournament Decisions:
    If an easy problem happens to a game like a stuck ball, it will be unstuck, ball returned to shooter lane and play continues. If a bigger problem occurs, game play is started over on a new machine with credits refunded. All final judgments, rulings, and decisions shall be determined by the tournament director.


If you have any questions, you can email us at . We look forward to seeing you in May !

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